Many people dream of going abroad but not many actually get to do it because of various reasons. I got to do it and today I want to share my experience with you.

So, first of all: there are many ways of spending a year abroad like Work & Travel and student exchange during high school or college. I can only talk about the second point: student exchange during high school. When I was fifteen years old I had to fit all my beloved belongings into one tiny suitcase which, of course, wasn’t big enough for all my stuff. After five hours of reorganizing my suitcase was finally ready for its long ride, despite me.

So there I was, a fifteen year old girl; alone at a huge airport, crying because she wouldn’t see her family for one year. I was horrified.

After three different flights and lots of tears, I finally landed in the United States, where my host family was waiting for me.

Two month later my English had improved, but I wasn’t happy. I had to realize that my host family wasn’t right for me and I wasn’t right for them. At that point I contacted my organization and asked to be moved to another host family. A week later I got the call that I would move within the next two days not only families but also states.

San Francisco Student exchange - is it worth the money BeBerryful

So I packed my stuff again. Said goodbye to my new friends in school. Started new all over again. It was hard, but the right choice. The next month were totally different but amazing, even though there were days full of homesickness. The family I lived with was the best I could ever wish for. They showed me the typical American life which I fell in love with.


Besides the really bad times, my year in the US so eventful, so different, so wonderful, that I don’t want to miss it at all. But it costed my parents a lot to get me there so I am asking myself if it was really worth all that money.

I honestly have to say that I am not sure if it is worth that money because there are other options that are way cheaper, but promise almost the same experience. Without lying, getting to know how it is like to be an American student is awesome. Work&Travel seems a better option to me, though.

What do you think about going abroad? Is it worth the money and the nerve for you?

Let me know!

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