11 Unique ways to fill your notebooks


I am a proud owner of thousand different notebooks. It doesn’t matter if blue, pink or grey; I have them all. Do you, too? You can never have enough of them, right? I get it. I really do.

However, owning all of these notebooks is awesome but what are we going to use them for? What will we fill the pages with.

Pretty notebooks make you happy, but filling them with good stuff makes you even more happy!

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  • MOMENTS/EMOTIONS: I have one notebook filled up with moments I can’t forget about and the emotions that come with that moment. Life can be challenging as well as rewarding at the same time. Not forgetting about these magic moments in your life is important. This can be a trip to Disney land with your best friend or the feeling when you had your first puppy in your arms.

Whatever causes strong emotions in you, be sure to write it down.

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  • GOALS: I also have a section for my goals. It is important to me to write them down because otherwise I wouldn’t know what to wake up for in the morning. You can have daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals. Where do you want to be in the future? Writing that down helps you to focus on actually achieving them.
  • FEARS/STRUGGLES: Writing down your fears will help you to realize what you are scared of. Struggling with certain things in life is normal; writing them down will allow you to accept them. Once you look back you’ll be amazed to see what progress you made and of what things you were scared of in the past.
  • PODCAST: You’re addicted to listening to podcasts (like me) but don’t want to forget everything that you learned from them? Me neither. Your notebook is the perfect place to gather all the life lessons which you can later on implement to your life.
Pretty notebooks make you happy, but filling them with good stuff makes you even more happy! Click To Tweet
  • BOOK QUOTES: Oh man, I LOVE book quotes. Beautifully written words are so impactful; you just have to write them down. You can read some of my personal quotes here.
  • IDEAS: Many of you probably already do this, especially when you are a writer or blogger. Sometimes ideas just pop up in your head, and forgetting about them would be a total shame.
  • SELF-DEVELOPMENT: What have you learned about yourself? What do you still struggle with? Here is place for all the negative and positive thoughts about the world and yourself.
  • FLOW OF THOUGHTS: Write all your thoughts down that come to your mind for about ten minutes. And even if you’re thinking that you don’t think anything (wow that was so confusing), you still do. It is relieving to let it all out without criticizing any of it.
  • ACHIEVEMENTS: A list of all your achievement will help you in tough situations. It reminds you of the things you already have accomplished in your life and implements the strong believe that you can do anything in life.


  • CALLIGRAPHY: If you are a bit artsy or creative you will love this. You will suck at the beginning (I still totally suck at it) but you will get better. And it is totally fun.
  • BOOKS: I love reading books. But I have read so many that I can’t remember them all. Honestly, I have bought books twice before because I could not remember anything about them. This “book-book” (get me😂) was so helpful!


Have you found other ways to fill your notebooks? I would love to know. <3

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Have a lovely day!

berry xx


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