YAY. I finally get to write my second Traffic and Income Report. Personally, I absolutely LOVE reading them. It is an awesome way to get a little glimpse in the bloggers life and following their path of growing over time with achieving their goals.

There are rarely traffic reports from blogs at an early stage so I decided to just do one on my own even though I feel uncomfortable with sharing that. Numbers shouldn’t value us as a blogger but It is hard to keep that in mind when you are looking at insanely high traffic numbers (hope I will be there someday).


I know everyone is kinda saying this but gosh! How can it already be December? I can’t even believe it is already time to bake delicious cookies,  drink tea and snuggle with your blankets the whole day. I am SO excited for the first snow to come and to open the cute gifts of my advent calendar.

Lets talk about the month of November. It was my second month blogging and I had some serious struggles with my blog. I heard it is called writers block but I thought that only happens to bloggers who have been blogging for years. But nope! It hit me and I got caught up with procrastination and anxiety. I didn’t know what to write about; and promoting felt like a hideous task.

This lack of motivation was showing in my statistics. Normally, you see progress in the first months. So I thought. But we will talk about the numbers later one.

Traffic and Income Report Tiny blog


Positive things first. Even though promoting felt like a hideous task to do, Pinterest really helped to get at least some visitors to my blog. I focused on establishing a Pinterest audience which was kinda successful. I just started my account approximately two month ago.

Pinterest monthly viewers: 7,6k

I am pretty happy with that number because it was the first time people got on my blog because of Pinterest.

Every week I published a blog post so we come to a total of four blog posts. I will work on increasing that number but it was all right for a month sprinkled with struggles.


Like I already mentioned, the month of November was full of struggles because of my writers block. I struggled to come up with new and unique ideas, and to get the motivation to write. I found some ways to keep me going again which I published in my recent post: DO THESE 7 THINGS TO STAY MOTIVATED. I hope they will have a lasting impact on me and I will get that motivation back.

The focus wasn’t on Facebook, Pinterest or any of those platforms because they made me feel insecure. Everything is about promoting yourself, and when I watched myself doing that I decided to take a break. Last month my focus was on Facebook which was a big traffic source for me. This is another reason why my traffic number has decreased almost 50%!


Traffic Report

As you can see above my traffic has decreased  radical which makes me kinda sad. But anyway…

  • Views: 185
  • Visitors: 111
  • Comments: 13 (shown above is just the overall number of comments, including my responses)
  • Total written words: 2683

My primary traffic source was still Facebook but followed by Pinterest which I am super excited about! Who would have believed that I get into Pinterest? Definitely not me.

I published 4 blog posts but wasn’t really consistent with the timing and planning. The most clicked post this month was:


I didn’t get any new email subscribers which honestly sucks. Despite that I send out one email to my three existing subscribers. YAY to you guys!

tiny blog traffic report beberryful income blogging


This section is gonna be short. I have no income off my blog. It will probably take some time until I am feeling comfortable and confident enough to put ads and affiliate links on my blog. Plus, I don’t really like ads. They destroy the look and makes a blog less fun to read.

Besides the money, I have gained so much from blogging. I became a little more organized (I’m still a huge mess) and better with writing and taking pictures. Still much to learn but it is a step in the right way.


December is going to be pretty awesome! Christmas lights, cookies and some tea is all I need.

Christmas lights, cookies and some tea is all I need. Click To Tweet

Blogwise I will be putting my focus on Pinterest because it is the primary source of many famous and successful bloggers. I would love to improve my photography skills because good pictures equal a good blog for me.

Bullet Journaling is a thing I am obsessed with and I would love to share some more aspects of that with you. Interested in that? Follow or subscribe to my blog to never miss anything.

Gosh, I almost forgot! I want to update my About Me page because it is not professional by any means.


Wohooo, so excited for the month of December! What are your goals and plans for the upcoming month? I would love to get to know you a little better and take you with me on my journey of blogging.

Much love,



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