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Slow done, world! January is supposed to be over? Nah… 🙄

I have learned A LOT this past month. Not only did I publish new blog posts on a regular basis but also learned a lot about traffic growth and strategies to gain new subscribers. But more on my accomplishments later on.

In case you haven’t been on my blog before I’ll explain pretty quick what Traffic & Income Reports are and why I write them.

On a monthly basis I review the previous weeks and compare my traffic + social media numbers to the month before that to document my growth. The purpose of these reports is to not only give you a glimpse into my numbers but also to talk about my struggles and encourage others to do the same.

No doubt, blogging is hard but it will pay off in so many aspects of your life!

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No doubt, blogging is hard but it will pay off in so many aspects of your life! Click To Tweet

There are rarely traffic reports from blogs at an early stage so I decided to just do one on my own even though I feel uncomfortable with sharing all the information. Numbers shouldn’t value us as a blogger but it is hard to keep that in mind when you are looking at insanely high traffic numbers (hope I will be there someday).


With the change of my color theme, I also changed my Pinterest graphics. It is all the same color (#ffd1cc) and I am thrilled to see if I can report a change of traffic with that.

I also started planning out my blog content ahead in January and stuck to it (mostly).

Here is what I published: 

#Ideas and #Inspiration to beautify your #bulletjournal from the outside!  GE TSTARTED WITH PINTEREST WITHOUT ANY PAID TOOLS  My Traffic and Income report for the month of December. I am telling you how I got my first 1k using Pinterest. #pinterest #blog #money #motivation Why you should start a bullet journal and how to do it


  • BRANDING: I rebranded my site and made a few extra changes to it. In addition to that, I also changed the look of my Pinterest graphics to the one you can see above. Now I am using a pink-ish color which I find really neutral and comforting. Before that I used the color orange which I liked but didn’t LOVE, ya know. You have probably heard the word branding. Readers will be able to tell what content you published because you are using a certain set of colors and fonts.
  • GROUP BOARD: I got accepted to a few group boards, and I am so excited to announce that I have my own GROUP BOARD now. Feel free to contact me and collaborate!
  • TOLD OTHERS: I told (and showed!) one of my closest friends about my blog and was surprised to see the reaction. They didn’t laugh at me like I’d imagined. My imagination went crazy beforehand.
  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Turns out I’m not as bad as I thought at taking pictures for my blog. Most of them you’re able to see on my Instagram.
  • QUOTES: I started writing my own quotes and I’m happy to see them spreading over Pinterest. Click here to see all of my quotes.



Interested in bullet journaling, traffic reports and current thoughts? Sign up here to get all that plus access to my resource library with awesome FREEBIES! YAY!

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I was struggling a lot with overcoming the fear to put myself out there. In addition to that, I also asked myself questions like ‘how I can make my blog unique’ or ‘how do I improve my blog’. Whenever I sit down in front of my laptop, self doubt creeps in and negative self talk begins.  Any advice you can give me to avoid that and stop procrastinating?

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Let’s talk numbers!

traffic and income report

The number in the brackets shows you how much I gained compared to my last Traffic Report)

Page views: 1795 (+ 427)

Visitors: 1283 (+ 230)

Comments: 9 (- 6)

Total written words: 3347


  1. Pinterest
  2. Pinterest
  3. Pinterest

I am all about Pinterest at the moment. Didn’t put any effort on promoting my content somewhere else even though I will work on finding a balance.


Pinterest Monthly Viewers: 115,5k (+54,5k)

Instagram Follower: 126 (+ 14)

Twitter Follower: 70 (- 10)

!1 ways to fill your notebooks by journaling and others


This section is gonna be short. I have no income off my blog. It will probably take some time until I am feeling comfortable and confident enough to put ads and affiliate links on my blog. Plus, I don’t really like ads. They destroy the look and makes a blog less fun to read.

Besides the money, I have gained so much from blogging. I became a little more organized (I’m still a huge mess) and better with writing and taking pictures. Still much to learn but it is a step in the right way.


We’re five days in February already. YAY! I had a pretty excited call a few days ago, and I’m excited to share that later this month with you. Despite that, I’ll work on avoiding social media stress which can be SO overwhelming. And of course, my number 1 priority is working on my blog growth and sending out my newsletter. Stay tuned!


What are your goals for the next year or month? Was your blogging month successful? I’d LOVE to hear from you (Seriously, you can contact me every time)!


Berry x


  • Hey Berry, Thanks for this awesome post – I love blogging but have made so many serious mistakes in the past that will make it more difficult for me to get back to it now. Nevertheless, my mind is set on it and I’m gonna get there sooner or later. I am reading and learning so much from many experienced bloggers while working on my content, affiliate marketing and Pinterest. Just like you, I love Pinterest too and am focused on it. Your post resonated with me on many levels and thank you for it.

    • Thank you SO much! 💗 Yes, Pinterest is my big love and my numbers relate on that. Making mistakes sucks but we learn from them and we’ll never make the same ones again. Berry x

  • I absolutely LOVE the direction your blog has taken these last few months. It’s really great to see how much you’ve grown and how passionate you are about what you’re putting out there. I’ve just started getting into a proper groove with Pinterest and really enjoy it. Will definitely be back for more inspiration! 🙂

    ~ Melanie

    • Aww, thank you Melanie! You can’t even imagine how much your comment means to me. If been in a little frustrated with my blog lately, and this helps me to keep going. Much Love, Berry xx

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