YAY. I finally get to write a Traffic and Income Report on my own. Personally, I absolutely LOVE reading them. It is just so interesting to look at other blogs and read their traffic reports. To get a little glimpse in the bloggers life and following their path of growing over time with achieving their goals. That is really inspiring.
There are rarely traffic reports from blogs at an early stage so I decided to just do one on my own even though I feel uncomfortable with that. Numbers shouldn’t value us as a blogger but It is hard to keep that in mind when you are looking at insanely high traffic numbers (hope I will be there someday).


Let’s get started. I hosted my blog on October 5. To try blogging out I owned a free word press blog before this one, and decided after four-month that it was time to get hosted. The first month is already over and I am so over the moon with my results. You might laugh at my numbers because, let’s be honest, over a hundred people are not many in the blogosphere. But dang, I hundred people! Just think about all those people in one room! We will come back to the exact numbers later on.

Well, there were a few changes on my blog and in my personal life. I chose my theme and added some extra features like my Email sign-up box which you can see on the right or down the page if you are on your phone or tablet. I totally freak out when I get a new subscriber and jump around like a little child. Honestly, thank you so much to the people who subscribed to get my emails and access to my free resource library. It means the world to me! <3

traffic report


I am struggling with blogging and all that comes with it like photography (it’s freakin’ hard to take still-life pictures!!!), writing because I am not a native speaker and promoting my content. Through promoting I feel kinda bothersome which hopefully will go away. Like I have to force people to visit my blog even though I just offer others a way to find my blog. If you want to find out more about my struggles check it out here.

Handling all the social media is so stressful because I never get offline in my head. I always think about upcoming posts and their captions. Love the podcast “Imagine you” in which she talks about the stress of social media. It literally opened my eyes and I try to be more purposeful with what I am putting out there and also to be more courage making.


Lets talk numbers. As you can see below, I got a 165 visitors and 313 page views for the month of October which was my first month. I received 26 comments in total. Underneath you can see the overall comments on my blog, including mine.


Traffic Report

My primary traffic source was Facebook. I joined some Blogging groups where we support each other with comments or views. Love that.

Most bloggers get their visitors from Pinterest but I haven’t figured that out yet. Will have to put some more effort and time in that to gain more visitors and views.

I think it is also helpful to know that I published 8 blog posts. I imported some from my free word press blog but also sorted them out.


This section is gonna be short. I have no income off my blog. I am scared to take my blog to the next level. It will probably take some time until I am feeling comfortable and confident enough to put ads and affiliate links on my blog.

Besides the money, I have gained so much from blogging. I became a little more organized (I’m still a huge mess) and better with writing and taking pictures. Still much to learn but it is a step in the right way.


Gosh, so excited for November and Christmas! Loving the candy! Mmmh, I have to bake some cookies later on.

Blogging wise I want to get into Pinterest and discover some other platforms like Bloglovin or StumbleUpon. Any advise what I should focus on? Let me know!

I was reading a TON about blogging and how to drive traffic to your site. That kind of stuff. In November I will try to really implement what I have learned to my life and see what works best for me and my blog.

Publishing one blog post a week would be amazing! Gonna try that out.


Wohooo, so excited for the month of November! What are your goals and plans for the upcoming month? I would love to get to know you a little better and take you with me on my journey of blogging.

Much love,

Berry xx




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