Why you should start a bullet journal and how to do it

Bullet journals are THE things to talk about right now. Everyone seems to love them. Do you, too? If you’d asked me everyone should own (and use!) a BuJo. It doesn’t matter what you do in life, your bullet journal is right by your side.

Artist or not; you decide what your book looks like. I could give you countless reasons why I love bullet journaling (and you should, too!), but I limited it down to the main 5.

If you haven’t already, I hope I can persuade you to try it out and see if it works for you. You have and need some inspiration to fill it? Here is my current bullet journal layout and here a post about how to start the right way.


What I love the most about using a bullet journal? It is suitable for everyone. Doesn’t matter what you do in life: It will work for you!

In recent years I have bought plenty of planners which I didn’t use because there was always something about them that annoyed me. By customizing my bullet journal I am able to plan my life out by creating my own spreads. You decide what colors to use, if it is minimalistic or not and what you want it to look like.

Stop wasting your money on planners you will not use anyway! Buy a bullet journal and you will be amazed on how well it will turn out.



Many of us have loved to paint and doodle when we were younger. By growing older we forgot about our creativity and potential. Using a bullet journal forces you to come up with ideas for new layouts, spreads and decorations. Your idea and creativity muscle gets trained again, and you are ready to skyrocket your productivity.

My bullet journal is a place for me to live my creativity and spend time with myself while doodling around.

My bullet journal is a place for me to live my creativity and spend time with myself while doodling around. Click To Tweet

Instagram has many awesome artists who use bullet journals. Go on there and see what is possible. Every time I see one layout I love I am flashed by the ideas they came up with. What are your favorite Instagram accounts for bullet journaling? Let me know in the comments!

Here are some of mine:

Journaling how to journal the right way


If you are anything like me you have thousands of insanely cute notebooks lying around in your home. I always just fill out the first site and then stop using it because another adorable notebook has crossed my way.

Therefore it is really helpful to have everything in my bullet journal. Even though I have to stop myself from buying more notebooks, it is SO helpful to have all my notes in one place.

Your bullet journal is all in one Click To Tweet

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I doodle around on every lil’ peace of paper that’s available. Afterwards, I throw it in the trashcan because I have no place to keep it which, honestly, is pretty frustrating.

My bullet journal allows me to doodle around like a little child without the feeling of wasting time and effort. Again, your idea muscle gets trained and you can create awesome things in your life. Doodling around does not only make your BuJo look nicer but also clears your mind. Whenever I feel stuck in life, sitting down on my desk to doodle around while listening to music gets me on the right track again.

Doodling clears your messy mind and relaxes more than a one-hour massage (never had one, but anyway).

Doodling clears your messy mind and relaxes more than a one-hour massage Click To Tweet


At the end of the month or year you can do a bullet journal flip through. There are some videos up on YouTube of people showing their bullet journal that they used for a whole year. So fascinating to their growth in organization and creativity.

Click here to see a bullet journal flip through from 2017 by AmandaRachLee. So in love with her style. Which mine would look like that one day!

bullet journal


Could I convince you to try bullet journaling out? That’s freakin’ AWESOME! Here is how you start one today and here are some ideas for your layout.

Do you use a bullet journal? If not, could I persuade you to at least try it out? I would LOVE to know and hear from you! Send me your pictures of your bullet journal! I would love to see and feature them!

Much Love,

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  • Yip!! You’ve convinced me! I follow your posts on Instagram and LOVE your bullet journal layouts. I’ll admit I feel a bit intimidated because I tried bullet journalling last year and I think I tried to do TOO much all at once and then it just got completely overwhelming. Also I watched a bunch of YouTube videos and that was not a good idea!! I really want to start this again in Feb, but I’ll start small this time. Thanks for the great tips here! 🙂 x

    • Thank you so much Melanie! 💕 That means a lot to me. Like you, I had to take a break from bullet journaling for a few weeks because I got too overwhelmed. It might sounds silly, but I always wanted it to look good. Now I am back on track ☺️😘
      You don’t have a bullet journal for others; just for you. It doesn’t have to be art as long as it helps you. Would love to see your layouts when you have started again! 🌻 Berry x

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